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About Us

Who We Are-

What We Believe

We- THE KEEPERS of the Zadokite calendar acknowledge that the mo’edim of JAHUAH fall on days prearranged by divine decree

keeping with the biblical verse~

Leviticus 23:4,’These are the set times of JAHUWAH, the sacred occasions in which you shall celebrate each at its appointed time’.



We follow the same faith as Jahshua the Messiah and His Apostles thus... 


We are Israel through the Grace of being accepted into the Abrahamic Covenant- Then Sealed with the Blood of the Son- Our  



Therefore we are held to the same standards and laws as 



We Believe that JAHUAH THE FATHER- 


THE RUACH HA'QODESH (Holy Spirit) are three separate deity. 


We seek and pray for the guidance of the Ruach Ha'Qodesh, 

and follow wherever the Spirit may lead. 


We are not set "Hard Fast" to one doctrine as so many 

Worldly Churches are... We are a work in progress 

thus grow, learn and adjust our lives to the knowledge

as revealed from the Ruach.


We follow the Torah Prescribed Shabbats and Holy Days 


We DO NOT follow traditions of men. 


We follow the complete LIVING WORD- 



We do not believe that Paul did away with

any part of the Law,

and that The Messiah came to fulfill the Law-

Which He fulfilled partially at His first coming and will complete at His second coming.


We search for truth in the WORD by going to

the original WORD.


We are not POLITICALLY CORRECT in our beliefs,


We do not believe that someone can be "converted"  

through missionaries... 

That one must be called by the one and only missionary the

Ruach Ha'Qodesh.


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