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Exodus 19:5  And now if listening you will listen to My voice,

and will keep My Covenant,

you shall become a Special Treasure to Me above all the nations, 

for all the earth is Mine.

The clues found within these scriptures gives us evidences as to what the Messiah was doing prior to his public ministry, who he associated with and the doctrine that would have influenced the thinking of our future King and High Priest.

I guess I didn’t realize that there were Torah believers out there,

who are not Jewish, that proclaim that there is no such thing as

an Anointed Messiah...

{ok, it is redundant because

Messiah simply means Anointed}.

They believe that the Brit Chadasha- New Testament is a made-up,

outright lie.

In wanting to get a better understanding of this train-of-thought, I searched through the Tanakh- Old Testament looking for scriptures that would not take a Brit Chadasha scripture to authenticate it.


In other words... I needed Old Testament scripture to speak for itself.

This Video is Inspired by this Study

There were many mysteries revealed at ha’ Mashiach’s (the Messiah’s) first coming… For if that were not true there would be no Brit Chadasha (New Covenant/Testament)!

Are there still mysteries yet to be revealed regarding Jahuwah’s Kingdom in these end times?  Most Definitely! 


Mysteries were revealed at Mashiach’s first coming as a servant and there are mysteries to be revealed at his second coming as King of King and Sovereign of Sovereigns.

Can the unclean, defiled, or evil...

stand eternally in Our Heavenly Father's presence?


We would all readily agree that someone engrossed in sin, being defiled and unclean, could not enter into the holy of holies. 

It would be unthinkable that a fornicator, adulterer, murderer, child molester, abortionist, pedophile, thief, liar or other vile person would be accepted open-armed by The Father into His pure presence. 


Someone so corrupt, depraved, and unrepentant could never stand in His righteous presence!


Consider this: when all those sins were placed on Jahshua the Messiah, He was made to be sin, i.e.

He BECAME sin...

Satan is always looking for just the right

opportunity to place us in bondage. 

He finds moments to intrude into our lives, and he takes every advantage he can.  Sometimes he uses an OPEN DOOR into our homes and lives. 

It may be an attitude, an object or a relationship.  It doesn’t matter.  

Any door will do.

Are biblical laws for today's

"Gentiles" to follow 

or did the Messiah abolish them?

We discuss: What is the "Handwriting of Decrees"

What was "Nailed to the Cross"

AND the relationship between-


[This PDF follows along with

these 2 videos]

With Fear and Trembling- REMNANT of the LIGHT

With Fear and Trembling pdf

Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.


For it is JAHU'WAH which worketh in you both TO WILL and TO DO of His good pleasure

Does the Creator hate Tatoos?

I was told that it is okay to have a tattoo “If it means something to you.”


Aother told me that she only had

tattoos to show her “LOVE of Jesus.”

Well my thought is that if you love the Messiah-

You would be obedient

and not mark your body…

Obedience is the best way to show love-

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