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Psalms 19:1 The heavens describe

the Glory of Eloah, and the firmament announces the making of HIS hands.

... due to the transgressions of men with the fallen Grigori (Watchers) the Creator destroyed nearly every living being by covering the earth with water to cleanse it of the offense. There were great earthquakes as the waters of the deep prepared to rise, causing the earth to tilt. Therefore, adding days to earth’s circuit. This also hid the Sabbath from sinful man.

Enoch 65:1 And in those days, Noah SAW the EARTH HAD TILTED and that its destruction was near.

Enoch 65:2 And he set off from there and went to the ends of the Earth and cried out to his great-grandfather Enoch…

Enoch was given instructions from the Creator on how to reckon this new solar cycle against the creation cycle that he had known prior to the earth tilt, so that future generations would not lose the original Sabbath of Creation. Hallelujah!

Because JAHUAH rested after six days of labor, the Sabbath is also our day of rest and a Memorial of Creation. Eloah wants us to remember all He did to restore LIFE to our planet.

Because Eloah specifically rested on the seventh day of creation gives the Sabbath universal validity. It is an example set for us by the Creator Himself. Sculpting it into HIS creation from ‘The Beginning’ thus making the Sabbath Day for ALL people on earth.

Hebrews 11:5  By faith Enoch was translated so as not to see death, and he was not found, because ELOAH had translated him; for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased ELOAH.

It is through this testimony of Enoch that we will take our journey and learn much from this prophet whom the scriptures mysteriously neglect.


This intercalation method appears to be the ONLY intercalation method that produces harmony with CREATION, the Sabbath cycle and the Perfect 364 Day calendar every year.

It also uses the Great Sign on the Earth 

at the Spring Equinox-

To determine the start of the year.

[currently is a video study only]

The Moon & The Priestly Order  pdf study
How did the Priests track the Sabbatical & Jubilee years through the Priestly order and the lunar metonic cycle as found in Dead Sea Scroll 4Q319 (4Q Otot)

tracking sabbatical and Jubilee years chart DSS 4Q319

Scrolls 4Q320 & 4Q321

Jahuah’s timekeeping

has been lost and He is restoring it to His elect. Ha’satan is very sneaky, he does not want you to know that it is the first order of business in learning when to observe Jahuah’s Holy periods. His reason is simple, if you do not know how to tell “Jahuah” time then you will miss the "appointed times" to meet with our CREATOR.

The clues found within these scriptures gives us evidences as to what the Messiah was doing prior to his public ministry, who he associated with and the doctrine that would have influenced the thinking of our future King and High Priest.

Rosh Chodesh (Hebrew: ראש חודש‎; translated Beginning of the Month; literally Head of the Month) is the name for the first day of every month in the Hebrew calendar.


The Hebrew phrase, Rosh Chodesh, is incorrectly translated “new moon”. The literal translation is “head (rosh) of the month (chodesh),” and is used in context as meaning new month.  The Dead Sea Scrolls use this same phrase throughout the scrolls that lay out the solar calendar with its feasts.

The Enclosed Garden of Set Times- ebook


The stars tell a story like pictographs on ancient walls. The second part of this study tells the STORY of man for man. Seasonally the ‘Mazzaroth’ splays across the skies like a picture show- just as the ancient Hebraic language tells a story in pictures so plays Abba’s nightly show in the heavenly hosts.

This is in no part a complete study and I urge everyone to continue seeking and learning for



What this study will do is whet your appetite and get you started traveling through the stars so you may return to the Garden of Set Time and stay the desolation.

The Ezekiel video series was
inspired by this study.

The Messiah's Acceptable Year- a Chronological timeline of the Messiah's ministry
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Time Line Charts
32 AD
Acceptable Year Month 2 calendar

Acceptable Year - Month 2
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