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Psalms 19:1 The heavens describe

the Glory of Eloah, and the firmament announces the making of HIS hands.

The Priestly New Year pdf study

tracking sabbatical and Jubilee years chart DSS 4Q319

Scrolls 4Q320 & 4Q321

The Enclosed Garden of Set Times- ebook

The stars tell a story like pictographs on ancient walls. The second part of this study tells the STORY of man for man. Seasonally the ‘Mazzaroth’ splays across the skies like a picture show- just as the ancient Hebraic language tells a story in pictures so plays Abba’s nightly show in the heavenly hosts.

This is in no part a complete study and I urge everyone to continue seeking and learning for



What this study will do is whet your appetite and get you started traveling through the stars so you may return to the Garden of Set Time and stay the desolation.

The Ezekiel video series was
inspired by this study.

The Messiah's Acceptable Year- a Chronological timeline of the Messiah's ministry
timeline chart months 1 and 2.jpg
Time Line Charts
32 AD
Acceptable Year Month 2 calendar

Acceptable Year - Month 2
calendar page

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