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In trying to understand how the priests were using the moon I plotted out from the Dead Sea scrolls, scroll 4Q319- this is the bases of the study titled ‘The Moon and the Priestly Order.’  

In this scroll, the priests used six families out of the 24 in priestly order, along with the moon’s metonic cycle, like a super computer, to keep track of Sabbatical and Jubilee years. Because of the moon’s synodic cycle, the timing of the 3rd year tithe was also tracked.

After I got a grip on what the priests were doing, I decided to insert the modern year that I believed to align with the order; based on the information found in the scroll and the of family Gamul. I wanted to see what that would look like. As we are given a starting point for Gamul at the vernal equinox with a new moon.

Since that only happens every nineteen years, we had to go back to 2015. Interestingly, that was also a Tetrad Cycle, (a cycle of four blood moons within months of each other) – Hence this was my starting point as I charted out the scroll information.

By applying an actual year date to this priestly cipher- I quickly realized that the leap cycles were falling on Shecaniah every 12th year (it runs through a cycle of the same 3 families). Since Shecaniah was one of the families used to keep track of Sabbaticals in the scroll, this certainly caught my attention. It brings one more element of information to the cipher’s tracking of Jubilees- Obviously the more keys we have to each cycle the closer we can come to unlocking the exact place where we are in the Jubilee cycle.

And although I thought it interesting that the leaps could be tracked through these priestly courses I really didn’t look at it further as I had another study project on the Sabbath waiting to be finished.

Then, while I was in the middle of editing the Sabbath video the Ruach stopped me and put this question upon my heart…


‘Why in DSS 4Q319 did they use these certain families when tracking the Sabbatical and Jubilee years?’  I hadn’t really thought about it before- nor did I think it held any real importance [silly me].  ALSO, it had nothing to do with the study I was working on- so I tried to ignore it…


BUT… I couldn’t shake the question… I stopped what I was doing to pursue it a little further. First and I guess the most obvious is that six out of twenty-four families is one quarter of the order…

Must mean something? Check…

I was then moved to look at their number placement in 1 Chronicles and found an astonishing pattern emerge of not only are these families numbered 4 numbers a part, starting with two and ending with twenty-two.


But, the total sum of their numbering in the priestly order names equals SEVENTY-TWO  (see graphic below).

Priestly order number placement
4Q319 Priestly Families

Grabbing my calculator I began running numbers that kept popping into my head- (thankfully, JAHUAH always speaks to me in pictures… Hallelujah!)

Priestly Order circle numbers

My first thought was that since the Priests used only one quarter of the priestly families I would divide 72 by ¼ or .25 and took that sum (288) and multiplied by 91; the number of days in a yearly quarter- (because I thought why not since we are working with quarters). I then took that sum (26,208) and divided it by the 72 and was ASTONISHED at the results.


Now there might have been an easier way to get to this answer but this is how I saw it revealed to me.

72/0.25 = 288 x 91 (# of days in a yearly qtr.) = 26,208

26,208/72=364 a complete Creation cycle as found in the book of Enoch!

And this number 26,208 kept nagging at me as well- it was like I had seen this number before.

Then I realized it was very close to the actual years in the complete circuit of the Mazzaroth- which is 26,280 years. A 72-year difference.. hmmm interesting.

When we divide 26,280 by 72 we get 365 [26,280/72=365]; the length of a typical solar cycle.

Okay, I thought that was kind of cool… But what if anything did this number 72 actually represent here?

I searched and searched for ANY heavenly cycle that equals 72 days, years, etc. I kept being brought back to the PRECESSION of the EQUINOXES.


The apparent position of the Sun relative to the backdrop of the stars at the vernal equinox slowly regresses a full 360° through all twelve traditional constellations of the mazzaroth/zodiac, at the rate of about 1 degree every 72 years.

One other noteworthy thing about this number 72 is that there are 72 LEAPS in the cycle of the SIX JUBILEE cycles as listed in scroll 4Q319! Six priestly families divided by seventy-two is twelve. The number of leaps in each Jubilee cycle! And every 12th year Shecaniah marks a leap! That would mean a full course of Shecaniah’s leaps would be six 12-year leaps or one degree of the movement of the stars.  Tracking this information would allow the priest to know how far we’ve moved against the original stars since the order was first set by King David.

Jubilees tracked by the Priestly Order

These leaps would have certainly been tracked by the priests. Not only for tracking the precession of the stars, but the leaps play a part, along with three different cycles of the moon, in tracking the lunar and solar eclipses! The ancient priests, healers, and Shaman from many cultures knew this, as did the Maji and Chaldeans.

This is the part that led me down a long road of discovery in Enoch’s writings and the math he brings forward for the moon and it cycles. I will talk a little about this here but due to time constraints, will have to bring the wholeness of it in the next study.

Scripture gives us the framework of how a week is defined by our Creator-

Gen 1:5  And ELOAH called the light, Day. And He called the darkness, Night.                                                  

And there was evening, and there was morning the first day. 

Time on earth began on the first day of Creation. On day four of creation the luminaires were assigned to be used as signposts on the heavenly tablets; so we wouldn’t lose the original count to the Sabbath and Feast days.

Gen 1:14  And ELOAH said, Let luminaries be in the expanse of the heavens, to divide between the day and the night.

And let them be for signs (o’th- marker,) and for seasons (mo’ed- appointed set times, the feasts of JAH), and for days

and years (Sabbatical & Jubilees). 

All those days listed throughout scripture were the Creator asks for us to meet with HIM.

Gen 1:19  And there was evening, and there was morning the fourth day. 


The Book of Jubilees expounds on the duties given to the luminaries on the fourth day of creation.

Jubilees 2:8-11 ... And on the 4th day He created the sun and the moon and the stars, and set them in the firmament of the heaven, to give light upon all the earth, and to rule over the day and the night, and divide the light from the darkness.

And JAHUAH APPOINTED THE SUN to be a GREAT SIGN on the earth for DAYS and for SABBATHS and for MONTHS and for FEASTS and for YEARS and for the SABBATH of YEARS (Shmetah) and for the JUBILEES and for all seasons of the years. 

And it divides the light from the darkness for prosperity, that all things may prosper which shoot and grow on the earth. These three kinds He made on the 4th day.

The Greater Luminary was given a sign for us to use in order to know when the Sabbaths and Feasts are… Along with the greater luminary, the lesser luminary- helps the sun to track and mark the Sabbatical & Jubilee years. The Sun tracks the Sabbaths of days and the moon tracks the Sabbaths of years. 

Gen 2:2  And on the seventh day ELOAH completed His work which He had made. And He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. 


Gen 2:3  And ELOAH blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because He rested from all His work on it, which ELOAH had created to make. 


Thus, the framework for the week was completed, and in Jubilees we read the creation cycle contained 52 weeks of sabbaths. Broken down into four quarters of thirteen weeks as per Enoch. Making the first creation year 364 days long. Ending on the Sabbath as shown in the first week’s narrative.

Jubilees 6:30 And all the days of the commandment will be fifty-two weeks of days,  and (these will make) the entire year complete. Thus it is engraved and ordained on the heavenly tablets.

Many believe the book of Jubilees was originally written by the Son’s of Zadok a.k.a. the Essenes, as a warning against the calendar changes that were being made by the new Priests who were in charge of the Temple after the Maccabean revolt. They didn’t want the people to forget the old ways as the new ‘woke’ priests brought in the moon for calculating days.  [see; ‘From Sun to Moon’ study]

Enoch 74:12 They bring about all the years punctiliously so that forever neither gain upon nor fall behind their fixed positions (stations) for a single day but they convert the year with perfect justice into 364 days.

When we use the sign given on the fourth day of creation as the start of our counting days, all of JAHUAH’S day stay fixed in the cosmos.

Yet, the solar cycle is 365.24 days due to the tilt of the earth; which happened during the time the Enoch and Noah. In the beginning the earth spun in an upright position, there were no seasons to speak of. This was the perfect earth, before sin.

But due to the transgressions of men with the fallen Grigori (Watchers) the Creator destroyed nearly every living being by covering the earth with water to cleanse it of the offense. There were great earthquakes as the waters of the deep prepared to rise, causing the earth to tilt. Therefore, adding days to earth’s circuit. This also hid the Sabbath from sinful man.

Enoch 65:1 And in those days, Noah SAW the EARTH HAD TILTED and that its destruction was near.

Enoch 65:2 And he set off from there and went to the ends of the Earth and cried out to his great-grandfather Enoch…

Enoch was given instructions from the Creator on how to reckon this new solar cycle against the creation cycle that he had known prior to the earth tilt, so that future generations would not lose the original Sabbath of Creation. Hallelujah!

But, as we read in Jubilees- they did anyway… Thankfully Enoch’s writings were for the end-time generation to understand, that they might return to the original division of days and the one true Sabbath of the heavens. We are that prophetic generation. Baruch ha’ shem!

In chapter 74, Enoch is giving us some math in rselation to the sun and moon, where he speaks about an ‘overplus’ of 30 days in five years- thus six extra days a year for five years.

Since we know that the moon’s phases lag ten days behind the sun each year, via Jubilees and Enoch as well, hubby and I thought this might be the place where we find evidence of the leap sign. As the sign of the leaders for the leap is a six-day sign; but that would only happen once in five years, not every year.

So in working through the math in this verse and the extra six days (instead of ten) is when I discovered that in a roundabout way this is related to the leap- because here we are given the math of one out of three of the moon’s cycles (the Anomalistic cycle) that are used to track lunar and solar eclipses. The leap years are a part of that equation.

Again a part of my road of discovery that I will cover more in the next, much longer, study.

So Enoch gives us a whole lot of math is his writings- the math of sun for the creation cycle, and the math for the cycles of the moon. But notice that there is no math given for the stars. We are only given the names of the leaders of the stars that divide the days. This is the bases of the star study I am working on- looking at who these physical star leaders could be. It is with the leaders of the stars that we find the evidence of the leap day.

So let’s take a look at who the leaders are:   [for more information on the leader see: 'Enoch 82-The Star Leaders' study]

Enoch 82:9 These are the orders of the stars that set in their respective places, seasons, festivals and months.

Enoch 82:10 And these are the names of those which leads the ones that come out and go down at their appointed times.

Which lead them in their respective places, orders, times, months, authorities, and locations.

Enoch 82:11   The four leaders which distinguish the four parts of the year enter first; ...

These are the four leaders that are the head of each quarter and represent the first four days of creation. We find reference to these leader in the Dead Sea scrolls. Scroll 4Q324D calls them the ‘Tequfah’. Biblically tequfah simply means a circuit of time- and not equinox as it has come to be used in modern times. The scroll tells us that they are the HEADS of the QUARTERS.     [see: 'What on Earth is Tequfah' study]

… after them enter the twelve leaders of the orders which distinguish the months; and the three hundred and sixty captains which divide the days

These 360 days are the heart of JAHUAH’S division of days. They represent a Prophetic year. Thus we now have 4+360 days.

… and the four epagomenal (intercalary) days,

These are the four days at the end of each quarter; or the 91st counted day. The Tequfah marks the beginning of the quarter and the epagomenal marks the end of the quarter.

… and leaders which divide the four seasons of the year.

The equinoxes and solstices that are marked in the heavens by their sun events.

Enoch 82:13   And these are the names of the leaders which distinguish the four parts (Tequfah leaders) of the years which are fixed:

Malki'el, Helem’Melek, Melejal, and Narel

Enoch 82:15 In the beginning of the year Malkiel rises first  and rules, who is named Tam’ayen and sun,

and all the days of his dominion whilst he bears rule are  ninety−one days.

Malki’el is the tequfah leader over the first quarter because we are told that total of his days are ninety-one. Tam’ayen is the spring equinox that marks the start of the solar cycle on the first day of the first quarter. This happens at the opening of the Great 4th Gate.


Enoch chronicles the sun gates for us; the heavenly gates that the sun and moon move through during their yearly trek across the sky. At the beginning of the new solar cycle Enoch informs us that the sun is rising at the opening of fourth gate. which he calls the ‘Great Gate’ or portal. This is also the marker given to the greater luminary on the fourth day of creation.


Under Malkiel’s headship is the Great Gate [the Gadol Dalet] and two others, Berka’el and Zalebsa’el. They are the first three of the six that come in with the first quarter leader.


Enoch 82:17 And  these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka’El,  Zalebsa’El,

and another who is added a head of a thousand,  called  Helo Jaseph: and the days of the dominion

of this captain are at an end.


Then a captain over a day named Helo Jaseph.  We are told that Helo Jaseph’s dominion is at the end. This could only be at the end of the 4+360 days.


The name Helo Jaseph comes from the compound of Hey and Lo; which means ‘HEY- LOOK here at something important’.  And the word Yasaph meaning ‘He will add, augmented.’ Which is where we get the name Joseph; meaning ‘He will add’. In other-words ‘HEY LOOK- there is an AUGMENTED DAY HERE at the END’.


If we go through the introduction of days as given by Enoch- we have four days that come in first- then three hundred sixty. Since Enoch had told us that the creation cycle is 364 days only; that would have to mean that an extra day would be added after the 364th day. AFTER the Creation cycle is complete. Remember, Helo Jaseph is only a day and not a leader, thus would be manifested as the 365th day from day one of creation. This is the day created out of the sin of mankind- when the earth tilted. It is the day outside creation- the day out of time.

Helo Jaseph appears every cycle- It is his buddy Asfa’el who brings in the leap day every four years, as the cosmos reconciles the overage of the extra quarter day each solar cycle. The name Asfa also comes from same root as Jasef – meaning “AUGMENTED”. Hence, Augmented of EL.


2 Enoch chapter 16 says … “And completes the solar year 365 and 1/4 of one day... It passes by the quarters for three years, and the fourth completes it exactly. For this reason they are taken away, outside heaven, for three years; and they are not added to the number of days, for they exceed the duration of a year…”

2 Enoch confirms that days 365 and 366 are indeed not counted within the year- that they are the Days Out of Time. We are also instructed that the solar cycle is 365 and ¼ days- this ¼ part of the day is the reason the luminaries mark another full day every fourth year.

Then let’s take a look at the leader that is over Asfa’el.


Enoch 82:18 The next leader after him is Helem’melek, whom one names the shining sun, and all the days of his light are ninety−one days.


Enoch's Leaders of Time Wheel

We can see that Helem’melek is a quarter leader because his time is 91-days. This is the leader over the second quarter, where summer resides. Under his leadership the last three gates arrive so the sun can move on to the next half of its cycle.


As well as one more additional day who is at the very end of all the introduction of days. The three hundred sixty sixth day from the first day of creation.


Enoch 82:20 These are the names, and the  orders, and the leaders of those heads of  thousands: Gida ‘iel, Keel, and Heel, and the name of the head of a thousand which is added to them, Asfa’el: and the days of his dominion are at an end.


After the completion of the fifty-second Sabbath, arrives the Days Out of Time. It is the place where the solar cycle is reckoned with the creation cycle. After the Creation cycle is complete. Not at the equinox as some have come to believe.

The creation week is the blueprint to the fifty-two weeks of the cycle. Creation came before the solar cycle. Thus, the solar cycle must be reckoned to the creation cycle not the other way around. The creation cycle must be completed before the solar cycle can be reckoned. No where in the creation description is there any kind of disruption ever mentioned in the first week.

So where do we find this sign of the leap in the heavens? We are told that Helem’melek is over the second quarter of the cycle and that Asfa’el comes in at the end of the cycle. Although the actual day is manifested outside the 4+360; the sign is at the end of the second quarter right where Enoch tells us that JAHUAH placed it.

At ‘The End’ of Helem’melek on the 91st day we use that marker and count days until the arrival of the Seasonal Leader of Iyasua’el, the Autumnal Equinox. 


What does that look like in the physical heavens?

In the three years out of the four-year leap cycle, there is a difference of five days between the end of Helem’melek and the seasonal leader of the Autumnal Equinox. But in the fourth year there will be six days between the leaders.   

Looking at the chart we see the pattern of the equinoxes follows that of the leap cycle.The equinoxes would occur at the same time every year if the Earth took exactly 365 days to make a complete revolution around the Sun.


But this is not the case. It takes the Earth 365.25 days on average to go around the Sun once.

The extra six hours each year are recorded in the equinoxes as each subsequent equinox will start about 6 hours later than the previous year's equinox.  Until we have a completed cycle in the fourth year. Which still isn’t EXACT because of the wobble but clear enough to see the cycles.


Be sure to check the times for your location.

So this is the 2023 sign that we will be looking for in the fall – when will the equinox occur? On the 22nd or the 23rd?  


Date and time moab fall equinox
Leap Day sign
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